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March Madness Standings

March Madness Standings

I can brag about being the best out of a lot of sucky brackets.
Hope we are better next year guys.


Back in Business!

As I wipe the virtual dust off the wordpress dashboard, I’m happy to announce we are back in business!  Well, it’s not as if we were ever a “business” to begin with, but you get my drift. I must confess it is rather difficult trying to keep a Blog up to date when so much around you is going on. Family life, church life, midterms, final exams, etc., all tend to divert our attention away from the Blogosphere, which is not necessarily a bad thing at times.

With all that being said, we hope to be more consistent with our blogging seeing how beneficial and edifying it can be to the body of Christ. There are many topics I would like to address personally here on 121 that I think will be very helpful, encouraging and challenging. So, stay tuned!

Why Christians Send

Great message from Mark Driscoll as to the importance and reason for Missions. Having recently come back from a Missions Trip I now understand how important it is to go out and reach people with the love of Jesus. As Mark Driscoll states this was the very being of Jesus’ ministry as He was sent by the Father and He in return sent His followers out. I encourage you take a couple of minutes of your day out to hear the clip below and pray that God put a heart in you to want to reach the lost. The lost in third world countries, our country, our city, our schools, our work places, and even our home.

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121 Update

Ricky and I would like to announce that 121 has added a new author to the blog, Jesse Botella. This addition to 121 will provide more post and even better content to the blog, Jesse is knowledgable and will add great depth to what currently exists. He will be posting soon, so keep a look out for him. Thanks and God bless.