Ricky Vazquez

I am not a “religious person” just a sinner who God has called by grace and mercy. I am actually a very practical guy; we can go sit down at a Starbucks and talk about sports, technology, life, business or God. I got saved back in 2003 at a Living Proof service and my life has been one heck of a trip since. From the kid who thought he was “good enough” to make it to heaven to one who realizes each day that I am in desperate need of God. I have been fortunate enough to serve and grow at my church, New Life Ministries. It’s not the perfect church but it is a church that loves God. I have adopted a motto for my life: Love God, Love People, and Love Life, and try to live each day with this in mind. One of my passions is reaching the lost with the gospel and I believe that it’s most effective when love is the driving force and not religion. I’m working on my Masters in Accounting at Liberty University and truly have a love for all things business, from accounting to marketing. I believe that the lessons learned in business could and should be applied to the church and our Christian lives. Any other questions you might have feel free to leave a comment and I will answer it.



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