Reformation Day Humor

121 hopes everyone had a wonderful Lord’s day yesterday as we paid homage to one of the most significant events in all of Protestant history. Also, we hope everyone had an opportunity to reach out to their communities with the Gospel this Halloween. It’s not everyday people come knocking on your door so hopefully most of us used Halloween as a great opportunity to hand out Gospel tracts and church invites, along with some tasty candy of course.

With that being said, I wanted to lighten things up a bit with some Reformation day humor. This is brought to you courtesy of We hope you enjoy!

(A Sacred Sandwich Repost from 2008) Officials at Queen of Heaven Catholic Church report that a vandal attacked their parish during their annual “Trunk-or-Treat” festivities on Halloween. According to Fr. Michael Donnelly, someone placed a paper bag filled with Luther’s “95 Theses” on the church’s front step, set it on fire, then knocked on the door and ran away. When Donnelly answered the door, he quickly stomped on the burning bag to put out the flames.

“Needless to say, I got Theses all over my shoes,” Father Donnelly stated. “It was disgusting.”

Witnesses at the church reported seeing a treat-or-treater, dressed as a monk, running across the street towards Christ Lutheran Church after the incident. As of now, police have no suspects, but believe it was the work of a copycat reformer.

Though Father Donnelly has asked the Blessed Virgin to have pity on the prankster, he still blames the Protestant Reformation for destroying a perfectly good pagan holiday. “Whatever happened to good old-fashioned Halloween activities like toilet-papering the trees or soaping the windows? Ever since Luther pulled his stunt on October 31st, we’ve had nothing but trouble. In fact, just last year someone duct-taped the 95 Theses on our front glass door because they couldn’t nail it up. Do you have any idea how hard it is to remove that sticky residue from glass after you pull off duct tape? These people are barbarians. I’m starting to think disbanding the Inquisition was a big mistake.”

Rev. Peter Reinhardt of neighboring Christ Lutheran Church had no comment on the incident, but was last seen sporting a suspicious grin and a large shaved spot on the top of his head.

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2 thoughts on “Reformation Day Humor

  1. Terry Bolson says:

    “Young Christians are turning to the centuries-old teachings of church fathers such as John Calvin and Jonathan Edwards”

    How sad that Calvin & Edwards are considered “Church Fathers”. They deny and contradict the teachings of the Church of the first 4 centuries before Augustine. Augustine spoke Latin and mistranslated and misinterpreted much of Holy Scripture and heavily influenced Calvin.
    If young Christians really hungered for the truth, they would turn to the Greek fathers of the Church, Justin Martyr, Ignatius, Chrysostom, Clement, Origin, etc.

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