The Source of Evangelical Intellect

The weakness of evangelicalism today is blatantly apparent to any onlooker. The gates of Hades will never prevail against the church, indeed, but the current state of evangelicalism is far from being considered triumphant. The question is thus, what is the Achilles heel of the evangelical church? The answer is a lack of reading and intellect. The two cannot be separate, for they need each other. Reading fosters intellectual gain. For the evangelical church to survive the barrage of attacks by secular intellectuals, it must take up and read. As James Emery White asserts, “Our library is our armory.” An inadequate library is the quagmire of the evangelical church.

The twenty-first century has produced some of greatest theological minds in all of church history, but it is few in comparison to the number of professing Christians. The ignorance of modern Christians is staggering, matched only by the cowardice displayed when confronted with something that challenges the intellect. Arguably, Christianity is faith based, indeed, but God commands Christians to think and read. To out-read the opposition is to out-think them.

Reading expands the walls of intellect, thus reading should not be neglected. Sowing the seed of reading; will yield the priceless fruit of knowledge, which is nothing short of a bounty harvest.

This experience is available to any Christian willing to make time to read. Reading is a lost art that must be found again, the life of the Christian mind is dependent on this truth. A library for an armory will prove to be beneficial for effective dialogue, but will also assist in personal growth and development.

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