iTithe app for iPhones

iTithe is the perfect iPhone app for Christians who want to keep a record of their charitable giving to their church and to other organizations.

When tax time comes around you will be ready with all of your charitable giving information.

The app is specially powerful for Christians who don’t have a regular income but receive income from multiple sources, irregular time frames, on a per assignment basis or on commission.

iTithe will keep a record of income you have received from your various income sources until you are ready to tithe to your local church or organization of choice. Once you are ready to submit your tithe, open up the iTithe app and select which incomes you want to tithe on from a list of incomes you haven’t tithed on yet. The app will automatically calculate your tithe based on a percentage you choose. Once you hit submit, the app will keep a history of that tithe as well as all of your other charitable giving.

• Record of all charitable giving including tithes and offerings for tax purposes

• Memorized recurring income sources

• Keep track of random or infrequent income that you wish to tithe on

• Filter information by year, by quarter and by type

• Easy to use interface

For more information and to purchase this app click on the link:

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