What does Athens have to do with Jerusalem? Presuppositional Apologetics

No, apologetics does not mean that you are apologizing or saying that you are sorry. The word apologetics is derived from the Greek word apologia which is translated into English as apologetic, defense, reason or answer. In 1 Peter 3:15 Peter exhorts us to “always be ready to give an apologetic of the hope that is within us.” Therefore, we are all called to always be ready to articulate what we believe and why we believe it. The greatest example of this in the Bible is found in Acts 17 where Paul has an apologetic encounter with the Greek Philosophers of Athens. We can learn a lot from Paul’s dialogue at Mars Hill on how we should engage in apologetics. As a matter of fact, numerous methods of apologetics have emerged throughout the centuries as theologians have looked and examined this particular text. Some of these methods include evidential/classical apologetics, fideistic apologetics and presuppositional apologetics. Each of these methods are useful, but I personally feel that the presuppositional approach does a better job of being consistent with scripture. For more information on presuppositional apologetics I would direct you to the works of Greg Bahnsen and Cornelius Van Til.

With that being said, In this audio clip Jamin Hubner critiques Greg Koukl’s view on the presuppositional approach. If you are not familiar with Greg Koukl, he is a classical apologist who has produced amazing works in the area of apologetics which I have personally benefited from. Sometimes certain views get caricatured by those who hold to opposing positions due to the fact that their knowledge of the other person’s view is no more than just a superficial Google search. But what you will hear now is two Christian brothers accurately and lovingly critique each others apologetic methodology, but I would like for you to notice the weight of the presuppositional approach in comparison to the classical method.

Click here to listen to the audio: http://www.realapologetics.org/podcasts/?p=260http://www.realapologetics.org/podcasts/?p=260

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