Hulu-Plus for iPhone, iPad, and many more devices

Hulu is a website I have been using for a long time now to catch up on shows I have missed or if I’m just in the mood to watch a certain show. However with Hulu-Plus they have now reached a whole another level, as they announced that they will be available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch in the Apple App Store. iPhones and iPod touches will need to be running iOS 4 in order to download the App. With this new App the iPad with 3g services just became that much more appealing, imagine having millions of shows at your finger tips while on the road, office, or anywhere else.

You will be able to enjoy the full current season of 100’s of shows as well as every show of every season for shows such as all 9 Seasons of The X-File, all 6 Seasons of The Office, or all 6 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and many more.

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