Churches Helping Churches

Churches Helping Churches was created in the wake of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12th, by Mark Driscoll and James McDonald. C.H.C was created on the base of Galatians 6:10—“…let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” C.H.C mission is to address the immediate and long-term needs of churches in areas of devastation. Many people might wonder why help churches and not give supplies to everyone? C.H.C believes that in helping the churches they will have a lasting impact on the community. By rebuilding churches they are restoring the infrastructure in which aid can flow into the communities in areas most needed. Churches help address the practical and spiritual needs of a country. Rebuilding a church has an impact that will last much longer then that of any supplies or goods.

“When the magnitude of a catastrophe can be described as “biblical,” it is the local church that reminds people that another biblical concept is even more powerful: hope in Jesus Christ.”

Below is a video of Mark Driscoll and James McDonald speaking about C.H.C on the ground in Haiti days after the earthquake.

C.H.C’s aim is not to be a quick band-aid fixes but they want to prepare the Haitian Church to have a legacy and they have a game plan to do so.

  • Identify and assessing churches: One of the ancillary objectives of the conference was to gather pastors in one location so we could get to know them, their ministries, and their needs. We are currently following up on a number of them.
  • Rebuild churches: Based on the pastors’ needs, we will either rebuild or repair churches.  For starters, we are targeting 30 churches in the Jacmel area that CHC and Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale are going to assist.
  • Reproduce this training: Many churches are part of regional leagues of churches. We are going to work through these local groups to organize similar events to the retreat we held in Port-au-Prince last month. CHC will be involved in two conferences in July, one in Jacmel and another in Verrettes.
  • Plant churches: In many cases, churches have swelled with new members in the wake of the earthquake.  In some cases, Christians now have people meeting in their front yard and have inadvertently become the pastor.  Last week, pastors were looking for guidance in church-planting to meet some of these needs.  CHC is partnering with S.T.E.P., Acts 29, Harvest Bible Fellowship, and The Timothy Initiative to prayerfully consider how to address this.
  • If you would like to donate $10 to C.H.C, text “chc” to 20222, then reply “yes” to confirmation text.

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