Bound With Them Conference


This years VOM Regional Conference will be held in Ft Lauderdale, FL and will be hosted by Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. The two-day conference will be Friday June 11 from 6PM – 9PM and Saturday June 12 from 9AM – 1PM. Admission is free but there will be an offering collected. The speakers will share encourage and bless you with personal testimonies from persecuted countries and the Word of God. This conference will stir you up and equip you for God eternal purpose. To sign up for the conference please visit the Website.

Speakers Include:

Tom White, Executive Director of VOM-USA, was imprisoned in Cuba in May 1979. After many missions dropping hundreds of thousands of gospels onto the communist island, his private plane crashed on a Cuban highway. He was sentenced to 24 years in prison. While suffering brutal treatment in the prison, Tom fellowshipped with imprisoned leaders of the persecuted church in Cuba. He was released in 1980. Today, Tom meets with Christians in restricted nations and shares their stories of faith under fire.
Bob Fu, founder of China Aid Association (CAA), was raised in mainland China and was a leader of the student democracy movement. In 1992 Bob became the pastor of a house church. Four years later he and his wife were imprisoned. After fleeing to the United States, Bob Fu began CAA to draw international attention to China’s human rights violations against house church Christians.
Pastor Steven Khoury is the youngest ordained Arab pastor in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Pastor Khoury currently writes articles for Al-Quds, the largest Arabic newspaper in the Holy Land. He is also authored the book “Diplomatic Christianity: Standing in the Shadow of Tomorrow’s Persecution.”
Mujahid El Masih was committed to jihad in Pakistan until Jesus brought him peace, and he became a pastor. Today he lives in the U.S. and travels extensively sharing his testimony and teaching on Islam. He co-authored the recently released the book, “Fearless Love.”
Getaneh Getaneh is a gentle man whose radiant face belies the horrors he experienced during the red terror of the Mengistu regime in Ethiopia. Arrested by the Communist authorities for preaching, he was tortured, denied food, water, and sleep for days during his imprisonment. He eventually escaped prison and fled the country.
Darcie Gill  has been on staff with VOM for over 10 years and has traveled to China, Sudan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cuba, India, Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh, Colombia and many other countries.

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