7 Summers…..

This is a bit outside the norm of what I blog about but really felt led to share this. I came across this video on Youtube. It’s a great video for anyone who is involved in Youth Ministry to watch. It’s for a campaign aimed at changing lives of this generation and really reaching the youth over the next 7 summers. Take a minute to watch the video below.

I am taking part in my first mission trip this coming August and have seen the time, effort, and money that is involved in being part of a mission trips. In our journey to fulfill The Great Commission,”Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations”, lets not forget our very own nation. What if we would make this same effort and commitment to reach those in the city that God has placed us. What if we would not limit ourselves because of time, effort, money, and most importantly tradition. Tradition?, yes our normal old school outreach will not be enough the church has kept on doing what has worked in the past but are failing to connect with this generation. We need new ways of looking at youth ministry and youth outreach Every major company is going after this generation, and I believe the church must also do so. We must disciple them and prepare them to be leaders. Lets make an effort for the next 7 summers to reach those that have been forgotten, outcast, depressed, bitter, and even the skeptic.

Share any ideas or thoughts that you might have.

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