The Folly of the Fool: A Reprise

When we call someone a fool we usually mean it in a condescending manner. What we are really substituting the word fool for the is word stupid. Is that what the bible is implying in Psalm 14:1? Which says, “The fool has said in his heart there is no God.” Not at all. The actual render for the word fool in the passages context is the Hebrew word nabal which refers to a moral fool or a completely amoral person. When a person is born again (Gr. anothen – born again from above) there has been a constitutional and moral change; the old has passed away and they are now a new creation in Christ Jesus. The moral change is where the atheists have the issue, why? Because to them if the God of the bible exists, then they know that He would require them to have His standard of morality. How often do you see atheists scambling to disprove the existence of elves? You won’t, because the existence of elves does not require them to have an absolute standard of truth or morality. So, they rid themselves of the existence of God and free themselves up to live as morally or immorally as they see fit, giving them freedom from accountability and a license to live without restraint. This type of thinking abolishes the concept of moral absolutes. Which always leaves me with this thought, if there is no absolute moral standard then how do they judge what’s right and wrong? By what standard then is stealing, rape, and murder wrong? I have seen throughout my years as a christian that the main reason why people have an issue with God is because they cannot see themselves being subject to His rule or lordship. They either profess there is no god or create for themselves a factitious god to suite there needs and desires. Trying to rid the world of an absolute standard of morality, accountability, responsibility, and God will only result in chaos and their own ruin. I will conclude with a great quote by Ravi Zacharias, “Wickedness is always excused as anything but the moral degeneracy that has resulted from each one of us becoming the god of God.”

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