Crayons, Snack, or Both?

These things are genius, crayons which you don’t have to worry if your kid or pets eat them. The Edible Crayons which was created by Luxirare are hand-made health bars. They use different ingredients in order to get the cool for the crayon like frozen strawberries for the red crayon or kiwi and pistachio to get the green coloring. The ingredients are pressed together in a mold and bonded with melted marshmallow. This is one of more creative things I have seen in a while. Not sure if they are for sale yet or ever will be but they come in a fresh classic white box which includes the ingredients for each color on the back. Check out the pictures below.

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2 thoughts on “Crayons, Snack, or Both?

  1. I can finally eat the crayons without my Kindergarten teacher slapping me upside the head!!!!!

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