I don’t consider myself to be a super spiritual, all I do is speak about Jesus, crazy type of Christian. As matter of fact I don’t read my bible everyday and I sometimes forget to pray through out the day. I’m just an ordinary everyday person who loves Jesus. I may not be a bible scholar or be able to answer every question about theology or even give a study on Revelation, but one thing I know and understand is that Jesus ministry is beyond the four walls of what we call church.

Does the Bible call us to Imitate a perfect and Holy God? If you didn’t know the answer is Yes (Eph  5:1,2) and with that being said JESUS WAS A FRIEND OF SINNERS. In the book of Mark Jesus says “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

I think we to many times are consumed and focused on the “healthy” the church goer and we plan activities, retreats, concerts and even huge  conferences and the message is always geared to the believer. When are we really going to understand the great commission? Do you think Jesus was calling us just to continue sharing His word to the believers or was His call for us to advance the kingdom and bring ALL men to Repentance? It may be something difficult to understand that Jesus such a Holy God who knew no sin actually hung out and chilled with sinners. I heard a Pastor who is a good friend of mine say this past weekend That he wants to see prostitutes on his alter, Alcoholics and junkies fill his church He said he wants the steps of his alter at the church to be filled with needles and drug bags and guns. When I heard that I felt like jumping out of my seat and screaming YEAAAHHHH! but I didn’t I kept it PC and just nodded my head. But that is exactly what I am referring to. If we claim to be Christians (Followers of Christ) then we need to start imitating Him more. Jesus was the type of dude who chilled and had massive dinner feast with a bunch of sinners and tax collectors (Luke 5:27-29), He was the type of guy who hung out with the Pharisees at there homes and even stoop up to defend a woman that the bible refers to her as a sinner (Luke 7:36), He was that guy who sat at a well and had a full blown conversation with someone that society / church said he should not have (John 4). That was the type of friend Jesus was to the sinners. The type who would leave the 99 to go after the 1, The type who even hanging from the cross, saved the thief.. That ‘s who Jesus is.. A friend of sinners.

I think the point im trying to get across is that we need to extend our love, our service and our time beyond the walls of our churches and start connecting more with the people of this world and our community. Evangelism needs to become more than a side ministry of a church, It needs to be an everyday love that is shared with the people around us regardless if they are of the faith or not. Jesus = friend of the sinner …….even until death!

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6 thoughts on “JESUS = FRIEND OF SINNERS!

  1. jstair says:

    So true! As Christians it is so easy and typical to focus on the already Christians. We tend to try to appease them so they don’t get offended and keep coming back. If we put that much focus and energy into reaching the lost I believe we would have much different results!

  2. Mike says:

    Amen! Good post man, I think we tend to forget that we were that thief at one point. Thanks for your thoughts on 121, can’t wait to have you back to share more stuff with us. God bless.

  3. your pastor friend says he wants to see prostitutes and drug addicts at his alter? I wonder two things. What is your pastor personally doing to get them there? And two…why are we always trying to get them to come to US? I feel your passion! Too often we are asking people to come to church, but Jesus took church to them.

  4. yovan cabrera says:

    Amen! Good Stuff!

  5. mcjohn says:

    Hi, it’s a great picture … do you have in better resolution? Can you send me it please? John

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