NBC New Fall Shows


The fall TV schedule is always something people look forward to as its normally the best time for TV shows. We are still a while away but stations start to present their new shows in order to start building excitement for them and so that advertisers can see what time slots they want to place their product at. NBC is the first station to release thier new shows and they have a big gap to fill as they cancelled my personal Favorite show(Heroes). Check out some of the new shows coming this Fall.

The Event” taking the place of Heroes on its Monday 9PM slot after “Chuck”. The Event might be trying to take advantage of the fact that Lost is ending in a similar style suspense show with lots of questions to be answered and each answer producing even more questions. I will be giving this show a chance and hoping it can fill the gap in my TV schedule.

Chase” a Jerry Bruckheimer show will be on at the 10PM slot after “The Event” The show follows U.S. Marshal Annie Frost as she chases down criminal in a fast pace action packed cat and mouse game. I dont know if its just because the setting is in Texas but gives me a feel of a Walker Texas Ranger.

Undercovers“the new show from the creator of Lost and Fringe, J.J Abrams, will lead off the Wednesday night line-up. Undercovers is about a married couple who used to work as spies but have been retired for 5 years and are now asked to come back for one more mission.

The Cape” will be airing mid-season and will be filling the gap left by Heroes of a show based on superheroes. Although it’s more of Batman superhero with no actual powers just magic tricks and good at fighting crime.

To see the complete Fall Schedule click here.

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