The Nicodemus Syndrome

The Nicodemus Syndrome has been something quite prevalent in the Christian church througout its history. The Nicodemus Syndrome is a phrase I coined for those who have an intellectual belief in God but lack biblical saving faith as Nicodemus did; we all know that He was later saved, helping Joseph bring down the body of Christ off the cross and placing it in the tomb and therefore fulfilling Isaiah 53. The text coming from John chapter 3, we can see that Nicodemus came to Jesus proclaiming that He was a Rabbi, a teacher, come from God, and that no one can do the things He did unless God was with Him. All these things being true Jesus’ replied to him saying “Thou must be born again.” In greek Jesus’ words would have been anothen meaning “born again from above”. Nicodemus astonished said “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?” and later in the discourse Jesus replies “are you a master of Israel and do not know these things?” You see Nicodemus, like many in Christianity had an intellectual belief in Jesus only; he heard Jesus’ teaching and saw the miracles He did, but lacked one vital piece of the puzzle. Saving faith.

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