Why is the word “Evangelical” such a threat in today’s society?

I was asked to respond to this question recently and because this is such a hotly debated topic, I thought it would be interesting to post my response on here. Feel free to respond with your own thoughts on this. Check it out:

Is not obedience better than sacrifice? Is the word evangelical really a threat or is our warrant, the Word of God that is the threat? It seems that society has a bone to pick with many things these days, but one in particular stands out and it is evangelicalism. Surely there is a great disdain for leading evangelicals, who do not compromise being the salt of the earth, but certain evangelicals is hardly the issue. The issue that society has is with the message we evangelicals teach and proclaim; the message of the cross, that is foolishness to the reprobate mind. Are we to gain a nation and in turn lose the kingdom? Are we to be obedient to God’s word or are we to sacrifice being obedient and befriend the world’s standards. Perish the thought, obedience is better than sacrifice. As far as I am concerned, the threat is not the word evangelical; it is the Word of God.

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